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One of the most important skills any professional could possess is the ability effectively manage and lead others. A professional manager is an expert, trained by education and experience to lead any type of organization. What makes the life of a manager so interesting is that it requires you to address such a wide variety of problems - financial, material, human, legal, political, and environmental - almost every day. No other career can provide you with such a rich mixture of challenges.

The 9th International Conference on Business Administration, Leadership And Organizational Management 2020 is designed for people wanting to gain a mix of theoretical and practical management knowledge and skills that will enable them to work as professional managers and leaders of the organizations of the future.

The focus is on learning the interpersonal, systems, and strategic skills necessary to build and manage an effective business team. Course work in organizational behavior, human resource management, administrative theory, and international management emphasizes the processes of planning, organizing, leading and controlling organizations.

The program is intended to help you develop the perspective, skills, and knowledge that you will need to manage and lead the modern organization more effectively.
The following is the List of job Titles that are welcomed to attend this Conference:

NOTE: If you belong to any other Position that excluded in the above and you wish to attend the Conference you have to send a mail with your Curriculum to and we will evaluate and give reviews to your current position, and we will advise you if you are welcome to attend to attend the event.
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